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                                                                          Release time:2019-9-09

                                                                          We, Henan Tuoren Medical device co., ltd., with business address at Weiyuan Industrial Zone, Menggang Changyuan Country, Henan, China. 

                                                                          Tell:0373-8605444    Fax:+86 373 8605321 

                                                                          With our logo as below:

                                                                          Here we clarify that: 

                                                                          TUOREN SDN BHD 

                                                                          ADDNW-05-03A, COVA SQUARE JIN TEKNOLOGI TAMAN SAINS SELANGOR 1 KOTA  DAMANSARA PJU 5 47810 PETALING JAYA SELANGOR 

                                                                          is neither a branch company  nor subsidiary of us in Malaysia. 

                                                                          Thanks ! 

                                                                          Date : 9, Sep, 2019 


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